Art Installation

"Units of Potential" the sculpture at the front of The Lir was designed by artist Alice Rekab.

Art Installation

This original art piece speaks to the curious relationship between artistic brilliance and the academy, understanding The LIR Academy as a place not just for the development of skills but for the germination of talent. Alice invented the piece to illustrate how The Lir is a training ground for brilliance and how that brilliance will grow in excess of the building but will remain supported by it.

Each sphere suggests an egg, a unit of pure potential, that is supported by the building yet pushes the boundaries of its designated space, as it multiplies and climbs to the limit of the buildings parameters, stretching over the buildings edge, reaching upwards towards the sky.

Quote from the artist

“For me the most important thing about Units of Potential as a public art work is that it connects with and is enjoyed by the public that see it every day, I am always glad to hear playful anecdotes and nick names that have been bestowed on my work by the city since it was first installed”


Image by Camilla Cerea