Student Life

Being a student at The Lir Academy is like no other student experience at an arts-related higher education establishment in Ireland

Student Life

While students of degree courses in English or Drama might be in taught classes for approximately 14 hours per week, students in The Lir Academy can expect to be in classes, workshops and rehearsals on average for 35 hours per week, and sometimes more when in production. Training for the theatre at The Lir is founded on the basic principle of simulating the working environment of a professional theatre.

The teaching is intense, intensive, and offers a high degree of individual tuition. Acting and stage management students are expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to cope with the physical demands and stamina required by the training.

While the courses offer the possibility to meet theatre practitioners on a regular and ongoing basis as well as the possibility to tour theatres and recording studios, students are encouraged and expected to widen and deepen their knowledge of the contemporary theatre scene by attending professional performances and related events. Being connected to the professional theatre scene right from the beginning of training is a crucial part of the student experience.

The café/bar in The Lir building is designed as a social space where students on the various courses can meet and interact, as well as meet with agents, directors and other theatre professionals who are visiting, guest teaching, or simply attending performances. There is a wide range of other cafes in the immediate vicinity, as well as an attractive plaza across from The Lir at Grand Canal Basin.

As full-time students of Trinity College, as well as The Lir Academy, students have access to all the sports facilities of Trinity, including a state-of-the-art gymnasium only 10 minutes walk from The Lir. In addition, all students will have a Trinity College Dublin student card that will entitle them to avail of the Library services. Trinity College’s library is one of the most renowned in the world, one of the few ‘receiving’ libraries for all books published in Ireland and the UK. To supplement this The Lir building contains a Resource Room which acts as a hard-copy and virtual library for the core texts needed on all the courses, as well as supplementary contextual publications. The Lir building has wireless internet access and students can avail of that facility as a further resource during their time in the building.

(Image by Camilla Cerea)