Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl

Dead Man's Cell Phone both unites and isolates people in the digital age.

Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl

Life around Jean is stark and paper-thin but, when she answers the incessantly ringing phone of the not-so-obviously-dead Gordon, her world fills to vivid and colorful three dimensions. Lobster bisque, paper houses, red meat… A ballet of the mundane, the morbid, and the metaphysical, Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man Cell Phone is a swirling blizzard of ideas about love, legacy and the afterlife. Fibs become lies become deception as she meets Gordon’s family and is confronted with love, intrigue, spirituality, and the occasional black market organ trafficking. Despite all this, Jean insists on carrying Gordon’s legacy, but what legacy is she helping to carry on?

Creative Team

DirectorJulia Griffin
Set Design & Lighting DesignPeter Parish
Costume DesignAlexis Howard
Sound DesignEoin Murphy
Hair & Make UpVal Sherlock

The Cast

JeanGillian Buckle
Hermia/The Other Woman/ The StrangerSimone Collins
Mrs GottliebFiona Rose Stout
GordonDarragh Shannon
DwightDamian Gildea

The Crew

Company Stage Manager/ Deputy Stage MangerMartina Kavanagh
Assistant Stage ManagerCorentin West
Chief LXSean Martin
Set Construction HODJohann Fitzpatrick
Sound Design Co-OrdinatorGary Maguire
Costume SupervisorRachael Kivlehan
Scenic Artist HOD & Prop MakerClaudia Lamantea
Scenic Artist HOD Prop MakerEkaterina Solomatina


Performances: Preview: Tuesday 27th June. Run: Wednesday 28th June - Friday 30th June, 6.30pm, Studio One
Matinee: Friday 30th June, 1.00pm
Tickets: €15 and €10 concession
Preview tickets: €10 and €6 concession
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