Yen by Anna Jordan

"She’s in our territory, bruv. She’s in our territory!”

Yen by Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan’s 2013 Bruntwood Prize winning play examines a childhood without boundaries or supervision. A brotherhood governed by hardcore pornography and Call of Duty marathons. For Bobbie and Hench their caged apartment is their sanctuary. Abandoned by society the brothers hide from responsibility and live without authority. It’s their apartment, their rules, their world. Then Jenny shows up.
Nurture? Nature? Neglect? Yen challenges the status quo and gives the forgotten a voice. When parents are absent how will children develop? Educated by the internet what do we perceive to be real? Without authority what does our behaviour become? Anna Jordan’s dynamic play balances heart breaking hardship with breath taking tenderness.

Creative Team

DirectorJack Reardon
Set Design & Costume DesignJack Scullion
Lighting DesignBill Woodland
Sound DesignJohn Gunning
Hair & Make UpVal Sherlock

The Cast

BobbyKwaku Fortune
HenchKevin Creedon
JenniferCiara Ivie
MaggieShannen Turner

The Crew

Company Stage Manager/ Deputy Stage ManagerEmma Russell
Assistant Stage ManagerLisa Marie Barry
Chief LXPatrick Conlon
Set Construction HODTomasz Rola
Sound Construction Co-OrdinatorGary Maguire
Costume SupervisorNora Fisher
Scenic Artist HOD & Prop MakerEkaterina Solomatina
Scenic Artist HOD & Prop MakerClaudia Lamantea


Performances: Preview Monday 26th June, 8.30pm Run: Tuesday 27th June - Thursday 29th June, 8.45pm, Studio Two
Matinee: Thursday 29th June, 1.00pm
Tickets: €15 and €10 concession
Preview tickets: €10 and €6 concession
Strobe lighting, smoke effects and loud noises
Suitable for ages 16+