Sheila Murphy

Course Information

Course Name:

Professional Diploma in Stage Management & Technical Theatre

Year of Graduation:


Productions at The Lir Academy

Grimly HandsomeChief LXKeelie Sheridan
Love and InformationChief LXLaura Bowler
Spring AwakeningScenic ArtistSelina Cartmell
In The Next Room or The Vibrator PlaySound Design Co-ordinatorDavid Horan
The Cradle Will RockChief LXWayne Jordan
BuddleiaAssistant Stage ManagerTom Creed

Special Skills

First aid, full driving license, Score reading & musical theory, problem solving, knowledge of a range of lighting & sound desks, experience with Vectorworks, CAD, Photoshop, QLab, Logic Pro, Final Cut

Previous Experience

Over 10 years experience working on and off stage in the music scene and on the organising committee for a Music & Arts Festival


Music, rock climbing & hiking, crafts