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Intro to Acting - Belfast Weekend Workshop

  2 days / Weekend

A weekend course that gives you an introduction to what it would be like to study acting at The Lir Academy - happening in Belfast.

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Course Begins: Sat 25 May 2024
Duration: 2 days, Weekend
Ages: 18+


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This course is designed to give you a taste of The Lir Academy's actor training programme throughout an intensive weekend.

Led by leading Lir practitioner Ruth Lehane, this course is the perfect opportunity to experience studying at The Lir Academy and what the daily routine would be like.

The Lir Academy's programmes run for three years and require complete dedication to developing the body, voice and movement - honing your craft so that you emerge an industry-ready practitioner.

The skills that our actors develop are through classes and modules that use exercises and techniques to develop the discipline and rigour physically needed, as well as the critical thinking required to approach a role.

Our classes at The Lir Academy run all day, five days a week. This weekend course aims to give participants an understanding of what that would be like under the guidance of an experienced tutor through an introduction to acting programme.

The course is suitable for all ages 16+, no experience necessary.

Content includes:

- Vocal and physical warm ups

- Ensemble play

- How to analyse a text and make interesting, detailed, dynamic choices.

About Ruth Lehane :

Ruth Lehane is an award winning actress, writer and theatre maker. She trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris; the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin; and The Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto.
She is the founder of Fourth Leaf Theatre Company. Ruth's company makes theatre that provokes, challenges and delights an audience.

Her vast range of experience as an actor and theatre maker has seen her work with makers of original work and practitioners of innovative practises. She has worked with a diverse range of companies both nationally and internationally some of which include; The Abbey, Dublin; The Lyric, Belfast; Barabbas; Blue Raincoat; The Ark; Big Telly; The Belgrade Theatre; Cahoots NI; Tinderbox and Fabulous Beast.
She has toured with her work internationally to London, Edinburg, Glasgow, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Bulgaria, Romania and New York.

Ruth is a highly skilled facilitator. Influenced by the methodology of Jacques Lecoq and the disciplines of Theatre of Clown, Neutral Mask, Gestural Language and The Architecture of the Space, her unique range of experience makes her workshops exciting, inspirational and fun. This physical and creative approach draws on the imagination and offers a place to explore and be challenged.

Venue: The Metropolitan Arts Centre

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