Lobby Hero

by Kenneth Lonergan


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Lobby Hero tells the story of Jeff, a luckless young security guard trying to get his life together after being thrown out of the navy. But the lobby proves to be no sanctuary from the world, as Jeff is drawn into a local murder investigation involving his supervisor. Also mixed in with the investigation is a tightly wound young man called upon to bear witness against his troubled brother, and a rookie policewoman who is in over her head with her seasoned but unscrupulous hero-cop partner.

Lobby Hero
is a moving, emotionally-nuanced drama mixing ideas about race, gender, class, and corruption with moments of wit, comedy, and romance.

Content Warning: Please note that Lobby Hero discusses racism, as well as sexual assault, abuse, and sexual violence. The use of herbal cigarettes and flashing lights are used throughout the performance.

The running time is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes, including an interval of 15 minutes.


Concession Standard
€12 €17


  • Director Annabelle Comyn
  • Set Desginer Ciara Murnane
  • Set Designer Assistant Hannah Foster
  • Costume Designer Caroline O'Connor
  • Costume Designer Assistant Maija Koppinen
  • Lighting Desginer Paul Keoghan
  • Sound Designer Philip Stewart
  • Production Manager Sally Whitnell
  • Wigs and Make Up Val Sherlock


  • Bill Adrian Mujkanovic
  • William Michael Tient
  • Jeff Oisín Thompson
  • Dawn Niamh Murray


  • Company Stage Manager Chiara Mangold
  • Deputy Stage Manager Josh Quigley Power
  • Assistant Stage Manager Alison O'Shea
  • Production Manager David McGee
  • Set Construction Sarah Doyle
  • Costume HOD Alison Meehan
  • Costume HOD Elizabeth "Beth" Thomas
  • Chief LX Arden Tierney
  • Lighting Programmer Isaac McGrath Long
  • Scenic Artist Josephine TJ Danielsson
  • Sound Dept Cathal Brace