The Sugar Wife - The Backstage Club at The Lir


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Join us for a fundraiser celebrating all things production on Wednesday 12th July at 6:30pm at The Backstage Club at The Lir. The evening will start with a pre-show cocktail, followed by a choice of one of our GradFest shows – Aliens directed by Ellen Buckley or The Sugar Wife directed by Dolores Rice. Then it’s backstage for more refreshments, a behind-the-scenes dining experience with a difference, fun, music and entertainment until late. Dress code is black/smart/creative – we love an opportunity to dress up!

The Aliens by Annie Baker is set in Vermont where JK, a college drop, and Jasper, who hasn’t finished high school, meet at a coffee shop to talk music and poetry. When Evan, a high school student who works at the coffee shop arrives, the men "decide to teach him everything they know."

The Sugar Wife by Elizabeth Kuti is set among Dublin’s Quaker community in 1850. Hannah Tewkley is torn between her work with the city’s poor and her husband’s prospering business – a string of oriental teahouses. Their guests, an English philanthropist and an African American are tainted by the horrors of America’s deep south. The visit begins with the best of intentions, but a collision is unavoidable.