The Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare


  • Online performance

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If everyone knows us and we know none,
‘Tis time, I think, to trudge, pack and be gone.

Two men arrive in mean, small-town Ireland. They don’t know anyone but everyone knows them. One meets a wife he didn’t know he had. Another is arrested for denying a chain he never bought. A chaotic series of events ensue - a debt that needs to be paid, an unfair arrest, a pile of infidelity, a family reunited and an exorcism! And in a small town, even with social distancing, news travels fast. Featuring two sets of twins and a talking dog, this is The Comedy of Errors of lockdown!

The show will be streamed online on The Lir Academy YouTube Channel, HERE! at 7.30pm on Friday 17th July.

This production can be watched free of charge. However, if you'd like to give a donation, please do so HERE


  • Director Mikel Murfi
  • Assistant Director Gerard McCabe
  • Set and Costume Designer Maree Kearns
  • Assistant Costume Designer Sue Crawford
  • Sound Designer Michael Stapleton
  • Lighting Designer Mark Galione
  • Hair and Make Up Val Sherlock
  • Video Consultant Vinny Murphy
  • Graphic Design (Set) Rodo Villalobos
  • Video Edits Mags Mulvey



  • Company Stage Manager Eavan Gribbin
  • Deputy Stage Manager Christopher Merton
  • Assistant Stage Manager Aoife O'Rourke
  • Costume Supervisor Síofra Nic Liam
  • SX Grace Donnery
  • SX Imor Hartnett
  • Assistant Production Manager Grace Halton