The Sugar Wife

by Elizabeth Kuti


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  • Run

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“Captured at the height of [her] rage”

To produce the sugar, to taste the sweetness, the essence needs to be pressed into existence.

We press hard.

The wheels turn, the cogs pull, the extraction process is complete: syrup, children, art, money, money, money, money, money, MONEY.

Pressed, oppressed, the world is paved with sugarwives and those with whom they are caught in the industry of extraction.

Life has never been full enough for those who want more.


Concession Standard
€12 €17


  • Director Dolores Rice
  • Lighting Designer Pedro Pacheco
  • Costume Designer Maija Koppinen
  • Set Desginer Clara Cohen
  • Sound Designer Cameron McCauley


  • Hannah Laura McAleenan
  • Samuel Darren Moone
  • Sarah Tierra Porter
  • Alfred Adrian Mujkanovic
  • Martha Eilish McLaughlin


  • Company Stage Manager Aoife Malin
  • Deputy Stage Manager Thomas Wall
  • Assistant Stage Manager Ross Smith
  • Assistant Production Manager Jovy Tan Ler Sin
  • Set Construction Sean Tyrell
  • Costume Alessandro Molina
  • Chief LX Beth Thomas
  • Programmer LX Callum Stanley
  • Scenic Oliver Kampman
  • Sound HOD Maeve Talbot
  • Sound HOD Cris Nolan