Who Wants To Write An Email?

by Laura Allcorn & Jennifer Edmond


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If you have any queries, please contact the Fringe Box Office via email on boxoffice@fringefest.com or call on 1850-374-643 (FRINGE).

Our emails are writing themselves! It’s weird, right? Think you can tell human from machine? Become the next contestant in this humorous interactive quiz show to find out!

Win the fastest finger contest. Take the hot seat. Use your lifelines—ask the audience or chat to our AI Expert. Is that your final answer? Okay AI, show us why you wrote that!

We’ll try not to get woozy thinking like algorithms.

Come feel the sentient satisfaction of being a human in an automated world.

Funded by Science Foundation Ireland. With support from the ADAPT Research Centre, the Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin, and the Institute For Comedic Inquiry.

Duration: 75 minutes.


Standard Preview Concession
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