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King Lear by William Shakespeare

Company: Mill Theatre
Director: Geoff O’Keeffe

The Mill Theatre has been producing Shakespeare for young audiences since 2013. Productions
include Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice
Wednesday 5th June, Mill Theatre
Actors should prepare one Shakespeare monologue or soliloquy of their choice in addition to
audition sides (these will be sent out a week prior) Please apply for audition no later than 28th
of May.

Rehearsal, Production Dates & Locations
Rehearsals from 26th of August- 20th Sept 2024
Production 23rd September- 23rd October 2024
All Performances at the Mill Theatre, Dundrum
Compensation & Contract Details
Standard Contract
For further details &/or to request an audition please email


Casting Call- The Dead Letter Office, October 2024

Seeking actor comfortable portraying Syrian heritage

We are delighted to announce a casting call for the 2024 touring production of "The Dead Letter Office" by Mary-Lou McCarthy, directed by Emily Foran and produced by Once Off Productions.

"The Dead Letter Office" is a play for young audiences aged 9+ that explores migration through an engaging and beautiful story about belonging and loss, and the different ways we find to connect with each other. There are two characters onstage during the play, Elizabeth and Hassan, and we are casting for the role of Hassan.

The role of Hassan:

Gender: Any

Ethnicity: An actor comfortable playing a character with Syrian heritage

Age: 25+

Accent: It is an English speaking role with some phrases in Arabic.

Character description: Hassan is a Museum Curator from Palmyra, in Syria, and is curious, ambitious, and passionate about objects and their potential to tell stories.

Casting Note:

In the original production Hassan was identified as a male character, however the casting brief is opening up, and this role is no longer gender specific. We are looking to cast the right actor for the production who has experience or a keen interest in performing for young audiences.

The story of "The Dead Letter Office":

Elizabeth is a Dead Letter Detective and knows everything there is to know about lost post. She loves her job… but people don’t send letters anymore. Days before the enforced closure of her beloved Dead Letter Office, a mysterious package arrives. Faced with the most difficult mystery of her career, Elizabeth is forced to make life-changing decisions to solve her final case.

Audition Information:

If called for an audition, an audition piece will be given to prepare, and a self-tape will be requested.

Touring information:

The production will start rehearsals in Westport, Co. Mayo in mid-September 2024, and will commence a 4-week national tour in October 2024. Full equity payment, accommodation and per diems will be provided. For any questions regarding audition access or touring access needs please contact the production at:

Female Roles for Stranger Things- The First Shadow

If you are interested in being considered for a female role in the production, please check the required criteria:

PATTY NEWBY Female. Black or mixed raced. Playing age 14. Must be over 18. Must have an incredible singing voice.

JOYCE MALDONADO Female. White. Playing age 17-18. Must be over 18.

If you meet this criteria, please complete this GOOGLE APPLICATION FORM. Submissions sent via email without an application form will not be considered.


Project Title: Sex Comedy

Project Type: Graduate Short Film

Project Synopsis: “Two unhappy young people meet by chance and spend a

night together, before reality bites. It can’t really end like this, can it?”

Filmmakers Bio: My name is Ben Moore, I have been making fiction and

non-fiction shorts for the last few years, most of which are available on


I am in my final year of Film and Broadcasting at TU Dublin, directing and

producing this graduate short film. In the past, I have worked professionally as

a video editor; in a residential capacity at Tinpot Productions and in a

freelance capacity. My prior work has been screened at the Louth

International Film Festival and the Mermaid Arts Centre Bray.

Budget: We are currently in the early stages of crowdfunding the film, in

addition to looking into various sponsorships. We cannot specify an exact

number at this time.

Audition Date: We are happy to invite any interested parties to forward a

self-tape of the attached script excerpt to the email address below, performing

one of the two lead roles. We will then compile a shortlist for in-person

callbacks in late March and early April.

Shoot Dates: We are looking at four days in late April, specifics dependent

on ongoing talks with the owners of locations in which we are looking to film.

Actors Fees/ Expenses: Travel expenses covered; food/drink provided. Fees

will be paid, with a rate to be settled on correlating to the film’s final budget.

Contact Details:

Character Breakdowns:

STEVEN (20s)

An extra in his own story. Frustrated with his job, his country, his whole life.

Steven is anger masquerading as apathy, a vessel on autopilot with

occasional flashes of humanity, and yet... there is still a flicker of a flame

somewhere inside. A chance meeting with a stranger compels him to break

his cycle.

RÓISÍN (20s)

Going through the motions, drudging through life, Róisín persists. She makes

the effort but struggles to connect. Present for the function but absent for the

drinks after. Older than she ever thought she’d be, deeply unhappy, and yet...

in moments there are glances of more, whisperings.




A Little Heart- The Puppet Musical

(A work-in-progress, workshop presentation)

Writer/ Director: Cillian O Donnachadha

Music and Lyrics: John McClarnon

Biscuits For Breakfast Theatre Company, in co-production with the Civic Theatre, seeks 4 Musical Theatre performers to develop and present a Workshop Presentation of A Little Heart- The Puppet Musical.

Workshop Presentation (Work-in-Progress)

  • Workshop Dates: 6th May- 11th May 2024 (incl. Bank Holiday Monday)
  • Fee: €850 for the week.
  • Cast: 3 female-identifying actors, 1 male-identifying actor
  • Rehearsals: 6th May- 9th May 2024 (incl. Bank Holiday Monday)
  • Workshop Presentation: 10th May 2024, 2 showcases @11am and 1:30pm, 11th May 2024, 2 showcases @ 11am and 2pm

***All Actors must live in Dublin or have a Dublin base***

Audition Information

  • All applicants are asked to submit via SELF-TAPE. We ask that all submissions be sent to before 5 pm, on Thursday 11th April 2024

Each Self-Tape should include:

  • An ident.
  • 1 scene of the character that suits them best ( based on the character breakdown attached)
  • 1 verse and 1 chorus of a song of their choice (based on the character breakdown attached)

Attached to this email you will find:

  • A Little Heart Workshop Casting Call: This form has:

- Character Breakdown: Anna, Mum/Angie, Dad/ Gilli, Denny/Bargo - Notes on Musical genre for each character for audition
- Notes and advice on audition and self-tape

  • Denny Sides (auditioning for Denny/ Bargo)
  • Angie Sides (auditioning for Mum/ Angie)
  • Dad/ Anna Sides (auditioning for Dad and or Anna)

If you have any queries please email me at or call me on the numbers below. We look forward to your submissions.


The Ombudsman for Children’s Office is seeking storytelling support for our Child Talks event which takes place every year to mark World Children’s Day. We are looking for someone who can work with us to help children turn an issue into a story that they can deliver in front of a large audience at the Helix in Dublin. This would be a three year contract to work with us on an ongoing basis. Email


Pickles by EITC is an innovative Theatre-In-Education company that tours throughout France and Belgium. It promotes the English language in secondary schools through performing plays and providing workshops for pupils.

Tour from October 2024 to May 2025

Profile of candidate:

- native English speaker

- trained actor

- age range: 20 to 30

- dynamic and versatile (wide variety of roles in our plays)

- genuine motivation

- team player

- an interest in touring around Europe (France and Belgium)


Rehearsals: from September 30th to November 8th, 2024

Tour: from November 2024 to May 2025.

=> 1 week holiday every 6 to 8 weeks of tour (except for Christmas: 2 week break)

=> Monday to Friday shows, during school hours

Terms and conditions:
- Rehearsals: 40€/day

- Tour: average of about 1500€/month (40€/show). The company secures an average of about 8 to 12 shows a week.

After having completed an full tour (from October to late May), an extra bonus of 1 000€ will be added to the final invoice.
Note: Accommodation + Transport paid by the company during the rehearsals and while on tour.

Audition process:
Interview: Zoom video call

Audition: Zoom video call


Xavier Hock & Christine Beziat


Play requires two actors - male and female - both in their twenties. It is a dark comedy and is scheduled for 6th - 9th of June.The participants would be paid normal rates. for more info