Lighting Design for Dance 2019

Collaboration between Liz Roche Company, Dance Ireland and The Lir Academy.

Lighting Design for Dance, now in it's second year, is a collaborative project bringing together choreographers with lighting and costume design students in a creative and supported performance forum.

The three organisations - Liz Roche Company, Dance Ireland and The Lir Academy work closely together to bring choreographers and design MFA's into a practical and mentored space for the development of their skills and new ideas.

Following an open call, choreographers Justine Doswell, Matt Szczerek and Mihaela Griveva will use the space provided to them by Dance Ireland to begin the process where they will work with Lir Academy MFA Design students Blue Hanley, Matt Burke and Colin Doran under the mentorship of Liz Roche.

Liz Roche Company

Dance Ireland

Image credits:

Set Design Joe Vanek Lighting Design Kevin Smith Costume Design Catherine Fay Photograph by Luca Truffarelli