Short Film Screening 2016

Film Screening Wednesday 8th June 2016
Final year acting, stage management and technical theatre students worked on two short films with film directors Rebecca Daly and Ruth Meehan. The films will be screened at The lir Academy on Wednesday 8th June at 7.00pm. Gas directed by Rebecca Daly A group of young friends dealing with the all too familiar scenario of one of them emigrating, have a last get together at the beach. Pranks and promises of eternal friendships aren’t enough to take away the sadness of the changes that lie before them. A Minute to Midnight directed by Ruth Meehan A Minute To Midnight is the story about the coming together and falling apart of four couples during the countdown of a new year’s eve party. A collaboration between writer and director Ruth Meehan and the eight participating 3rd year Lir acting students, the script for A Minute To Midnight was designed to excavate and explore the fault lines between these four couples. If you would like to attend the event, please email asap. Limited places available.