The Lir Academy Sustainability Policy

The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Arts at Trinity College Dublin has launched their Sustainability Policy as part of their Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026.

As part of Carbon Literacy Day 2023, we have launched our Sustainability Policy and Action Plan - a critical element of our current strategy 2022-2026.

At the beginning of 2023, Lir tutor Sinéad Wallace began an eight-month-long process to review working practices at The Lir Academy and assess how it could develop a policy that would move The Lir Academy forward in our journey towards sustainability.

This process involved meetings with The Lir Academy’s department heads and senior management team, and with Trinity College Dublin’s Sustainability Manager Jane Hackett. There was a Lir-wide Town Hall Meeting in June to discuss the findings and ideas with the student and staff community. This policy is the result of that research.

As a training ground of excellence, The Lir Academy is committing itself to creating a workforce of environmentally-aware theatre practitioners who will work to make our industry less carbon intensive, less wasteful and more engaged with the biggest issue facing humanity.

The Lir Academy positions itself as an industry leader in Irish theatre. We train the technicians, stage managers, actors, designers, directors, practitioners and playwrights of the future.

We are committed to:
– reshaping the way we make theatre in Ireland.
– leading in adopting a model of theatre production and education which is ethical, socially responsible, inclusive and sustainable.
– working to embed sustainability in everything we do, fostering a sense of care for the planet and people around us in all students and staff at The Lir Academy

The full policy can be read HERE

Read our action plan HERE