Lir Academy Training
  • Stage Managment and Technical Theatre - 2024
    • Production
    • Role
    • Director
    • Mud
    • Assistant Stage Manager
    • Giulia Grillo
    • Lobby Hero
    • Prop Maker
    • Annabelle Comyn
    • Untitled
    • Prop Maker
    • Wayne Jordan
    • Bulrusher
    • Scenic Artist
    • Claire O'Reilly
    • Appropriate
    • Scenic Crew
    • Joy Nesbitt
    • Scenes With Girls
    • Scenic Crew
    • Ursula McGinn
    • The Maids
    • Scenic Crew
    • Kady Duffy
    • RED
    • Scenic Crew
    • Maku Sisakova
    • The Laramie Project
    • Costume Crew
    • Davey Kelleher
    • Distinguished Villa
    • Costume Crew
    • Hilary Wood
    • Three Sisters
    • Assistant Stage Manager & Scenic Crew
    • Marc Atkinson Borrull
Other Experience

Connect/Disconnect (short film): Art Director / Vinny Murphy

Bodyshop (short film ): Art Director / Paul Duane

Blood on the Cats Neck (short film): Props master / Joy Nesbitt

Assistant Stage Manager : Hothouse, Malaprop, Dir. Claire O’Reilly

Production design: Swipe, short film, Dir. Conor McMahon

Scenic crew : Tartuffe a new version by Frank McGuinness, Abbey Theatre, Dir. Caitriona McLaughlin

Scenic crew : A Whistle in the Dark, Abbey Theatre, Dir. Jason Byrne

Scenic crew :Wake, THISISPOPBABY, Dir. Jennifer Jennings & Phillip McMahon


BA. Appl. Sc in Graphic Engineering & Design – Photography Major

Certificate in Financial Administration

Primary Music School Diploma, Piano Major


Prop making, Scenic art, Assistant Stage Management, Set Dressing

Hand tools, Power tools, Carpentry, Painting, Woodworking. Constructing and moving set pieces

Sculpting and Modelling, Working with Clay, Foam, Silicone, Latex, UV Acryl Epoxy and Polyester Resins, various glues and release agents. Gold leafing. Mould-making, Casting, Poly-Carving incl. Styrofoam, Vacforming.

Paper props incl. Calligraphy

Graphic design, Photoshop, Lightroom, faux food craft

Props management, organisation and maintaining

Breaking down costume or props, Machine and Hand sewing, Embroidery, Dressing

Score reading

Fashion and interiors merchandising

Basic First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire safety, Working at hight, AISR Stagepass safety

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