Lir Academy Training
  • Stage Managment and Technical Theatre - 2022
    • Production
    • Role
    • Director
    • Scenes With Girls
    • Assistant Stage Manager
    • Ursula McGinn
    • Measure for Measure
    • Lighting Programmer
    • Joe Dowling
    • Distinguished Villa
    • Chief LX
    • Hilary Wood
    • Twelfth Night
    • LX and Sound Crew
    • Davey Kelleher
Other Experience

Chief LX: KITCHENSINKDRAMA, (The Cube Project Arts Centre) Director: Ronan Phelan.

Chief LX: Absent the Wrong The Peacock Director: Veronica Coburn.
Light and Sound: The Disappearance of Walter Black (Smock Alley Boy's School) Director: Claire Maguire.

LX Crew: Dubliners, (Smock Alley Main Space) Director: Annie Ryan.

Lighting Technician and Programmer: Slow Recognition (Kirkos Unit 44) Hèléne Montague.


First Aid Training, Manual Handling, Working at Height, Basic Sewing Skills and Working with a Sewing Machine.

Working with Power Tools, Fire Safety, Prop Making, QLab Skills, ETC Level 1-4, Vectorworks Skills

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