Lead singer in Irish Ballad Band, Music, Theatre, Travelling


Lir Academy Training
  • Bachelor in Stage Management and Technical Theatre - 2020
    • Production
    • Role
    • Director
    • Salomé, or the Cult of the Clitoris: A Historical Phallusy
    • Production Manager
    • Mitchell Polonsky
    • Summer and Smoke
    • Chief LX
    • Joe Dowling
    • The Merchant of Venice
    • Assistant Production Manager
    • Lynne Parker
    • My Romantic History
    • Chief LX
    • Erin Blackmore
    • The Wild Duck
    • Stage Manager
    • Annabelle Comyn
    • Opera Briefs 2019
    • Set Construction HOD
    • Helene Montague
    • The Drowned World
    • Sound Coordinator
    • Ronan Phelan
    • Serious Money
    • Set Construction / Crew
    • Oonagh Murphy
Other Experience

UK Sales Team For Robe At Plasa 2018, Hammersmith, London

Lighting Designer and Chief LX For Street Life 22 Piece Band

Stage Manager, ‘Northern Lights’ by Stephen Jones directed by Karl Shiels

Lighting Designer for Miriam Lambert of Lambert Puppet Theatre

Stage Manager, ‘The Ridleys’ directed by Karl Shiels


Lighting, Stage Management, Set/Construction, Sound

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