13 years scouting experience, 3 as a leader


Lir Academy Training
  • Professional Diploma in Stage Management and Technical Theatre - 2015
    • Production
    • Role
    • Director
    • Tarry Flynn
    • Chief LX
    • Wayne Jordan
    • Troilus and Cressida
    • Scenic Artist and Prop Maker
    • Nona Shepphard
    • O Go My Man
    • Sound Design Co-ordinator
    • Tom Creed
Other Experience

2 years experience in the Oreilly Theatre Belvedere
Lx Crew on Monica loughmans production of the Nutcracker
Lx Crew in the New Theatre for various productions
Lighting design and operations on productions in the teachers club
Chief lx on the star scout show for the past 3 years


First Aid

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