The Lir Student Resilience Fund

Thanks to a match funding donor, we are providing our students with dedicated access to counselling supports here on site in The Lir Academy. Your donation will go directly towards this initiative.

The impact of the pandemic has been a challenge for us all. In particular, it has been a testing time for students, as their education has been disrupted in unimaginable ways, creating demands on them to adapt and develop resilience that would never been expected of them.

We are particularly aware of this in relation to our students training in the creative arts and emerging into an industry that has been so severely affected by the pandemic. More than ever, we feel it is so important to ensure that our students are appropriately supported. Thanks to a very generous match-funding gift from a donor, we have developed the Lir Student Resilience Fund. This fund will provide our students with dedicated access to counselling supports on-site at The Lir Academy, and your donation will go directly to this initiative.

For every euro that we receive for this fund, our donor will match it up to €30,000. That means if you donate €25 today, our donor will match it with another €25 and your donation becomes €50. €50 will cover the cost of one hour of counselling support. This will create a total fund of €60,000 overall.

Will you help us support our students by giving today? All funds will go directly to supporting counselling and resilience building services for our students.

Your donation will have a hugely positive effect on our students and help support them as they continue their training here at The Lir Academy.

From all of us, staff and students, we would like to extend our immense gratitude for your support of this programme. Thank you.