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Storytelling for Podcasts

  10 weeks / 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

A ten-week course on crafting storytelling content for podcasts.

Course Information

Course Begins: Thu 19 Jan 2023
Type: Evening, Online
Duration: 10 weeks, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Ages: 18+


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They say that everyone has a novel in them. Now, the belief is perhaps that everyone has a podcast in them. If you want to spend some time thinking about the podcast inside you, then this might be the perfect place to start.

This course will explore how to create effective storytelling for podcasts. You will explore the relationship between form and content; how to work on concepts; shape narratives; generate suspense; sustain interest, impact and more.

We’ll also look at what makes an effective podcast presenter and what keeps an audience listening. You’ll learn about single-voice storytelling; interview techniques; using locations and effects; the skills of presenting and co-presenting; and vocal production.

Everyone will have the opportunity to make a short audio piece each week. Weekly exercises will lead to presentation and discussion in an affirming and safe environment. All exercises can be done on a smartphone or laptop – no expensive equipment is needed.

The course is taught by Andrew Tidmarsh – a teacher of playwriting and audiobook reading at the Lir and a teacher of Storytelling for Business for the Lir At Work. Please note that Andrew’s style of work is to create democratic spaces suitable for self-managed learning. The content of the course is rich, but also experiential and each participant is ultimately responsible for their own learning. All participants are encouraged to think deeply about the topics and techniques discussed.

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