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The Art of Screenwriting (Online)

  10 weeks / Tuesday / 1 evening per week / 7.30pm-9.30pm

The perfect introduction for anyone who wants to get into screenwriting but doesn't know where to start!

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Course Begins: Tue 14 May 2024
Type: Online, Beginners
Duration: 10 weeks, Tuesday, 1 evening per week, 7.30pm-9.30pm
Ages: 18+


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This introductory course is ideal for any student looking to improve their screenwriting skills, focusing on the various forms, ideas and craft of screenwriting. Students are encouraged to think critically about screenplay writing through exercises and discussion in order to get an understanding of creating visual, cinematic pieces of work.

We'll look at emblematic scenes and styles with examples from classic cinema from around the world to help you understand the universal tenets of script writing. The course will cover the following:

- Writing for pictures - show not tell.
- Character, character, character (want and need) - Antagonist vs. protagonist
- The world of the story - the ‘shape’ of your script
- Story structures (not just three-act but episodic and alternative structures)
- Theme(s)
- Tone vs. style
- Atmosphere vs. plot
- How to create humour and tension through dramatic irony and suspense
- Set up and the catalyst: the importance of the ‘hook’
- Conflict and resolution
- Dialogue vs. exposition
- Tricks of the trade to keep your reader fully engaged

And one of the most underrated aspects of a good script…
- Rhythm (A.K.A pacing)


David Evans is a writer, director, producer and BAFTA-winning scriptwriter. He was one of the lead writers on the long-running ITV drama series, Nuts and Bolts (best regional drama - Royal Television Society). His garlanded documentary film Pretty Village took a poetic approach to the subject of returnees rebuilding their lives in the shadow of the Bosnian War and has been seen all over the world, including on TG4. His script for the autobiographical movie, My Grandfather, The Spy is currently in post-production.

Recently, he has worked as a script consultant and producer on Czech film, Pongo Calling, currently on theatrical release in Central Europe. This summer he has been working on financing his co-scripted Czech film, Sperminator.

Dave has taught at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Cardiff University.

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Please note: This course is online. Our short courses are non-refundable and there is no cooling-off period.

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