I A CLOWN with Raymond Keane

Learn about theatre practitioner Raymond Keane, course leader of I A CLOWN

Have you ever wondered what makes a clown tick? If you're curious about the fascinating world of clowning, then let us introduce you to the creator of the I A Clown course, Raymond Keane. Book your place now here

Raymond Keane is a highly regarded Irish theatre practitioner, where he works as a performer, theatre-maker and director. He has worked on countless projects throughout the years and is a founding member of Barabbas Theatre Company.

Raymond isn't just an experienced theatre professional, he is also absolutely passionate about clowning. As he noted in an interview with The Irish Times journalist Pavel Barter “We all wear masks. We all present a degree of artifice and social construct to survive the day. You can’t be vulnerable to the world all the time. You have to don a mask that protects you, bolsters you, and gives you confidence.” Describing himself as previously being a bit of a dreamer, he took to performing on the streets prior to taking classes or performing on stage. This was when he first discovered clowning.

His unique philosophical approach is what resonates with our I A Clown course students. Raymond believes clowning revolves around a willingness to expose more than others and to connect. The goal of the course is to help people find their true selves while acting behind a mask. Based on the idea that people are only able to truly be their “authentic selves” when they first put on a mask, this course has been a popular one over the years and has received many rave reviews including one participant who stated that they were, “indebted to Raymond, the course, and my fellow participants for this incredibly accepting transformative and invaluable experience.”

So, there you have it! I A Clown may not only help you discover your inner clown but maybe even your true self along the way.

Our next I A CLOWN course takes place on July 29th, 2024, learn more here.