Thank You to Our Punk Rock Technical Sponsors

We want to say a big thank you to all our technical supporters, without whom our shows would not be possible!

Each of our shows are made possible by the continued support of our technical sponsors, whose wonderful contribution help us present each production in the best possible way. Read below for some information about their contribution to Punk Rock by Simon Stephens.

Nexo and John Vickers

A huge part of the production revolves around the very intentional rock and punk music that mirrors the tumultuous journey of the teenage characters onstage. Head of Sound and the sound designer for Punk Rock, Ivan Birthistle, wanted to create the feeling of being at a rock concert for the audience.

John Vickers and his company, Sound Design, supported the production with the provision of 6x Geo - M6 line array cabinets and additional Nexo amplifiers and networking equipment. This was in addition to our current sponsored Geo M6 line array system from Nexo; a world-leading company in manufacturing and sound technology. Nexo work closely with our students, providing training throughout their time at The Lir Academy and hands-on experience with state of the art equipment.
Pictures below is of our student Alan Fay in his departmental role as Head of Sound working with the system and getting it rigged and in place for the show.

Production Services Ireland
A massive thanks to Production Services Ireland for their assistance in our first ever sustainable production under the Theatre Green Book. PSI provided the show with over 20 LED intelligent fixtures for the production. The inclusion of these fixtures not only helped with maintaining a flexibility within the design but also, being LED light sources, helped reach our targets on reducing power consumption for the production across the technical departments. You can see more of our students preparing the state-of-the-art equipment below.

You can read full credits for cast and crew for Punk Rock here.