Lir Academy Training
  • Célia Helena Arts and Training Center - 2019
  • Bachelor Degree in Theatre (University of São Paulo) - 2023
Other Experience

Zia Basbaum is a brazilian theatre artist with experience in acting, performance, theatre directing and devising. The 23-year-old artist has actor training from the three and a half year long program at Célia Helena Center of Arts and Training, during which they integrated seven student stagings, and a Bachelors Degree in Scenic Arts from Escola de Comunicações e Artes (School of Communications and Arts) at the Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo).

Throughout her college education, Zia Basbaum explored acting, playwrighting, costume and make-up design, lighting design, performance art and devising. He has been co-author of multiple devised pieces, and creator and performer of Adubo - Performance com Cartas de Amor. For his capstone project, they decided to direct a staging of the existentialist play No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre, which was worked on for two years till March 2023. Simultaneously, she also directed a devised piece for another capstone project, Ordinário - 2 Atores em 5x Sem Juros, a comedy around the brazilian middle class and its myth of success.

In 2021 they had a directing internship under Eliana Monteiro during the staging process of Estilhaços de Janela Fervem no Céu da Minha Boca, by the collective A Digna. In 2022 she worked as an assistant director to Cibele Forjaz in Estação_3: EMBORAR, one of the three plays that make the triptych A Morte da Estrela, by CIA Barca de Dionísos; and once again in 2023 in Forjaz’s staging of Il Guarany, in the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo.

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