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ETC EOS Console Training: Essentials | The Lir Academy

  1 day / 10 am - 6pm

ETC Europe, The Lir Academy and PSI Production are proud to present a series of one-day ETC EOS family training sessions across Ireland at various levels. Courses are free - refundable deposit required.

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Course Begins: Fri 05 Apr 2024
Duration: 1 day, 10 am - 6pm


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ETC Europe, The Lir Academy and PSI Production are proud to present a series of one-day ETC EOS family training sessions across Ireland at various levels.

ETC's Eos family of consoles provides power that is elegant, approachable, and scalable. These hands-on training events will give you the opportunity to explore first-hand the features and functions of these powerful control systems.

The sessions will include a hardware overview of Nomad, Element, Element 2, Ion, Ion Xe, Gio @5, Gio, Eos Ti and Apex consoles. During the courses you will be introduced to the basics and nuances of this high-level control system and you will leave with more confidence in using your ETC console.

We have recently restructured the Eos training model. We now provide: Eos Essentials (previously Level 1 and Level 2 combined), EOS Expanded (previously Level 3) and EOS Advanced (previously Level 4). An EOS Expert course if offered on request subject to demand.

Courses options are as follows. Each course is a one-day course.
Eos Essentials
Eos Expanded


We are keen to ensure that as many interested people can participate in these courses as possible.
In order to secure your place and attendance, we are requesting a €30 deposit or €15 for students/unemployed - use the discount code EOSDISCOUNT. This will be refunded within three working days of completion of the course.
Places may be cancelled with no charge up to 1 week before the event start time. Please email if you need to cancel your place. This gives us enough time to fill it with another person.
After that, the full deposit will be charged.

If the course is booked out, please submit your waiting list request via the enquire button.

Eos Essentials
The course will give you a solid foundation of console operation and prepare you to expand your skills. You’ll learn about EOS’s major functions and how to navigate the desks with ease. This course is intended for those with a background in lighting. It is suitable for those who have no experience with the EOS family series or for those who are self-taught looking to improve their proficiency.

You will learn about console philosophy, navigation and the core skills you need to be able to start programming your show. You will learn to work with and program both conventional and moving lights (including working with LED luminaires), channel control, recording and playback and data management.

Key concepts covered include
• Patch conventional and multi-parameter fixtures
• Work with channels in Live mode
• Work with display navigation
• Record, select, and delete Groups
• Work with Submasters
• Record, play, and delete Cues
• Understand Tracking versus Cue Only as well as Block and Assert
• Control non-intensity parameters
• Apply additional cue features such as Delay, Auto-Follow and Loop
• Use Park efficiently
• Understand display layouts and workspaces
• Set up and use Direct Selects
• Record and recall Snapshots

Accompanying training materials can be downloaded

In an effort to be a green as possible we do not print manuals. We ask that participants have downloaded the
material in advance of the session.

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