Scenes with Girls

by Miriam Battye


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"At school, were you one of the girls who talked about snogging, or assessment objectives?"

Other friends have come, got boyfriends and gone. So what? Tosh and Lou have each other.

They swear they’ll never be like the other girls. They refuse to sit in a narrative someone else thought up. They don’t need a happily ever after - they’re not interested in becoming cliches.

This is love. This is enough...isn’t it?

A searing interrogation of female friendship, all its beauty, power, toxicity and contradictions

Image credit: Dan Cretu
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Copyright by Miriam Battye copyright agent: Alex Rusher of Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street, London WIT2RH,


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  • Stage Manager Eoin Daly
  • Assistant Stage Manager Emily O’Riordan
  • Set HOD Sean Cassidy Tyrell
  • Costume HOD Hanna Novak
  • Chief LX Oisín McMahon
  • LX Programmer Josh Quigley Power