The Wild Duck

by Henrik Ibsen in a version by Frank McGuinness


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  • Matinee

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“Rob the average man of his life of illusion and you rob him of his happiness at the same stroke.”

A successful businessman holds a party for his returned son. The son invites an old friend. There’s now thirteen people at the table.That’s how Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck begins. Then an affair comes to light and the wheels are set in motion.

In a tragicomedy about human nature, Ibsen tells a story about idealism, self-deceit and the lies we choose to live with. A comedy about keeping up appearances and the illusions that keep us happy. A tragedy about innocence and human relationships that thrive on lies and are destroyed by the truth. Are we condemned to live with the lies that makes us happy in the confinements that make us comfortable? Or can we be free and true to our nature, like a wild duck?

This show contains loud noises and sensitive content.

Haze and smoke effects during production.

This is an amateur production.


Standard Concession
€17 €12


  • Director Annabelle Comyn
  • Set Designer Ger Clancy
  • Costume Designer Catherine Fay
  • Lighting Desginer Stephen Dodd
  • Production Manager Des Kenny
  • Sound Designer Philip Stewart
  • Hair & Make Up Val Sherlock
  • Assistant Director Chris Moran
  • Assistant Director Sean Walsh
  • Assistant Set Designer Rodolfo Villalobos
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Colin Doran
  • Assistant Costume Designer Susan Yanofsky



  • Company Stage Manager Baz O'Donovan
  • Assistant Production Manager Sarah Jane Williams
  • Deputy Stage Manager Gavin Mooney
  • Assistant Stage Manager Nicole Darragh
  • Chief LX Grace Halton
  • Set Construction HOD John Norton
  • Sound Design Coordinator Eavan Gribbin
  • Costume Supervisor Daire Cavanagh
  • Scenic Artist HOD Faith Boucher
  • Props Maker Natalia Dobrowolska
  • SX Operator Evan Keogh
  • LX Operator Grace Donnery