The Lir Gallery


My Romantic History 2019
X Low res for web Keith Dixon 48
Lir 800pix for web Homos Or Everyone In America 262
The Clean House 800 pix for web Keith Dixon 66
Web 800 Pix Investec at The Lir Academy Images by Keith Dixon 119
Lir The Wild Duck
Clinton Liberty and Emma Dargan- Reid
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Pericles by William Shakespeare at The Lir Academy
The Drowned World by Gary Owen
Dubliners by James Joyce. Adapted by Michael West and Annie Ryan
The Lir Serious Money
Keith Dixon 16
Lir No One Sees The Video 800Pix For Web C2A9Keith Dixon 3
Lir Demons C2A9Keith Dixon 3
Keith Dixon 22
Incognito Web Size 800Pix C2A9Keith Dixon 63
Lir Merrily We Roll Along Web 800Pix C2A9Keith Dixon 5
Lir C2A9Keith Dixon 11
2018 Keith Dixon 7
2018 Keith Dixon 3
Lir A Winters Tale Ii C2A9Keith Dixon Photography 10
Lir 800 Pix For Web Site The Caucasian Chalk Circle 217
Mfa  C2Aekeith Dixon Photography 10
Copy Of Lir For Net The Events C2Bckeith Dixon Photography 10
Lir For Net Each Day Dies With Sleep  C2Bckeith Dixon Photography 23
Lir 800Pix Dead Mans Cell Phone  C2Ackeith Dixon Photography
Lir Yen  C2Ackeith Dixon Photography 3
Lir Much Ado About Nothing Low Res Keith Dixon Photography
Lir Low Res
Skriker For Net  C2Ackeith Dixon 42 28129
The Lir Mojo Show 800Pix Low Res 74
Children Of The Sun  C2Ac Keith Dixon Photography 26 28229
Three Winters  C2Bckeith Dixon 17A
The Lir After The End  C2Ackeith Dixon 5
Grimly Handsome 3
1De16 Secondyears
Lir Love And Information 72 Dpi For Net  C2Ac Keith Dixon Photography 3
Lir The Coming World For Net  C2Ac Keith Dixon Photography 12
C2Ackeith Dixon Photography 6
C2Ackeith Dixon Photography 8
Lir 1
Lir Tpw  C2Ackeith Dixon Photography 3
Lir In The Next Room  C2Ackeith Dixon Photography 1
C2Ackeith Dixon 3
Lir   Keith Dixon Photography 7
Untitled 2833 Of 32429
Untitled 2813 Of 32529
Mfa Design 800Pix For Net 31
Gruesome Playground Injuries 800Pix For Web Site Keith Dixon Photography 2
Pornography 800Pix For Net Keith Dixon Photography
Living Quarters 72 Dpi C2A9Keith Dixon 1
Lir My Child C2A9Keith Dixon 1
Colin2C Shane  Ruairi
Aisling  Ciaran
Lir Troilus And Cressida  C2Ackeith Dixon 1
Smtt Group
Tarry Flynn 1
The Ugly One 2
Electra  6
Foxfinder Set
Amanda Doherty
Corrin Thomas
Katie Honan Into The Woods
Vanessa In Bed
Lauren Coe For Web
Katie Honan For Web
Getting Ready
Katie  Hannah For Web2
Brian Singleton And Prof  Steve Wilmer2C Former Head Of School Of Drama Film  Music Tcd For Web
021212 Operabriefs Camillacerea 001
131212 Forestfringe Camillacerea 002