The Provoked Wife by John Vanbrugh


  • Run
    Friday 12th Feb 7.30pm to Thursday 18th Feb 7.30pm — Studio One

  • Matinee
    Tuesday 16th Feb 1.00pm — Studio One

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Sir John Vanbrugh’s second comedy is an outspoken portrayal of sex, marriage, temptation and revenge in the 18th century. Lady Brute, the provoked wife, is hell bent on escaping the clutches of her brutish, gambling, drunken husband – a task that is becoming more and more attractive as she is pursued by the handsome young gentleman, Constant. Meanwhile, as Lady Brute’s niece is falling in love with Heartfree, a professed woman-hater, the bond between aunt and niece is growing stronger.

Image © The Trustees of the British Museum